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My name is Mick Vakante and I have the Master’s degree in Civil Engineering.

I used to work as the Mathematics and Science teacher in the U.K. Schools and abroad.
I have excellent references from my students whom I taught MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY and BIOLOGY. I
am proud to state that throughout my primary, secondary and University education I was the one of the very best students in the best Schools. But, it was not easy. Very far from it.
I used to have problems when I was at the top College for Maths/Physics/Computer Science. To be precise – MATHS was the problem! I had 5 different MATHEMATICS, not to mention PHYSICS, 7 subjects relating to the COMPUTER SCIENCES, ECONOMICS,…!

Then, my father found the Maths personal tutor. I had only 4 or 5 Maths sessions and then the miracle happened! It was all then clear to me. He taught me about the logic and how to adopt and adapt maths.
I realised that maths is the logic that connects numbers. Without it, the numbers were - meaningless.

All what I needed was that little push. Maths was the key to the all above subjects. From that part of maths I managed to understand other parts of Maths and Physics, and Computer Sciences (programming), and Economics,… My view of Maths, Physics,Biology,Chemistry, Economics and Computer Sciences was never the same again. In the space of only a few months I greatly improved all my grades from other subjects and passed the very stringent C.E. University entry exam! Afterwards, in my Civil Engineering University I had no problems with any subject (there were 50 altogether) that involved Maths or logic. Do I have to mention that there were none of the subjects that did not involve either Maths or logic, two inseparable sisters?

Later on in life, I have found again and again that the beauty and simplicity of maths was overwhelming and an all-powerful. I applied it to complex installations of numerous types of equipment in various London Recording Studios (Pythagoras had found a long time ago that there was an inseparable link between numbers and music), I applied it together with Boolean algebra (which is also a part of the maths logic) to solve the way car alarms/immobilisers work (thus significantly reducing the manufacturing costs), beautifully solved numerous mathematical problems for my London teaching colleagues,…
My excellent references also speak for themselves.

I can only wish that my father introduced me to that great Maths tutor years ago.
That way I would have appreciated it, used it and loved it much sooner. More even greater successes I wish to all my students. My efforts will always be directed towards that goal and moving it’s goalposts always further.

Should I just mention that Pythagoras’ theorem (as everybody knows it) at the Home Page was not invented by him(?!) The Chinese and Babylonians knew it and used it for a good 1000 years before him, then Egyptians (it is carved in the Great Pyramid), but Pythagoras was the one who proved it (in the 6th century B.C.), so it was named after him. The proof is quite simple, the whole story leads to irrational numbers, then Fermat’s theorem whose proof was waiting for another 358 years to be established (it was solved only recently), but that is another story…
Should I also mention the great physicist and inventor who introduced humanity to the alternating current, radio, X-rays, amplifiers, fluorescent lights, remote control, principles used in microwave ovens and radar,etc.
I find his work both fascinating and inspiring, and I am pretty sure that you will agree with me once you click on the link Nikola Tesla. He has been known as the "forgotten Genius”.
You will also find there Mr John Wagner's web site. (
He has been tirelessly fighting to keep memory of Tesla’s heritage alive. I have been in touch with Mr.Wagner who also informs me that he was one of the five honourees that received a lifetime achievement award for his Tesla work. 

Other honourees were: 
(1) Prof. Murray Gell-Mann, the 1969 Nobel laureate in physics who discovered the Quark;
(2) Mr.Vinton Cerf, the creator of the Internet;
(3) Mr.Timothy Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web;
(4) Mr.Alan Kay, a pioneer in computers.
It is in the company of these fine honourable gentlemen where I would be very proud to see some of my students receiving similar awards for their contributions to the humanity.

And there goes the applied maths and science, from a deep past to the present day of Quantum, String and Chaos theories and with these theories much, much further into the deep Universe and beyond to other dimensions! It is everywhere and there it will always remain to be as the hidden law of everything, waiting to be discovered and rediscovered.

Happy learning and the very best grades wishes you,

Mick Vakante MEng (Hons) C.E
Mob: 07966 258 286

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