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My fee is:

» £28 per hour



The student or parent/guardian should pay in full at the end of each lesson.
Cash payments are the most appropriate form of payment.
Cheque payments should be guaranteed by a valid cheque guarantee card. Please write the number of the card on the back of the cheque.
If you have any queries/questions, or want to book the tuition please do not hesitate to contact me on:

Mob: 07966 258 286


When to contact me:

Considerable proportion of my students wait until May/June in order to contact me.
This not only puts an unnecessary additional pressure on students themselves, but also on me.
That is my busiest time of the year, hence the word of advice:
Don’t wait until too late !
Book early in the School year (September/October) in order to avoid disappointment !

Working Hours:

Client can book the tuition on any day after 9 am until 10 pm, SEVEN days a week.
Tuitions can be held on any day after 9 am until 10 pm, SEVEN days a week.
Other times, session durations and number of sessions per week are subject to individual arrangements.


The student should give me 24 hours notice of cancellation otherwise they should pay me half of the tuition fee. If no notice of the cancellation is given to me and I arrive at the student’s house the student should pay the full fee. In cases of the unforeseen circumstances (like sudden illness,etc.) I will waive the cancellation fees.
By accepting my services you also agree to the above conditions regarding cancellations. I am also under the obligation to give an adequate notice to my students if I am unable to keep the appointment.

Privacy policy:

Your details are strictly confidential and will NOT be passed on to a third party without your prior consent.


For more information about tuitions please see pages: Tuition info & Why tuitions.


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