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Length of one tutorial session

You can choose from any length of the session ranging from 1-2, or even 3 hours.
Numerous students at exam times had requested 3-hour sessions that have been an extremely beneficial in terms of their knowledge, confidence and their eventual grades. This way a large volume of work can be evaluated and revised with problematic areas identified/addressed in a very short amount of time compared to the time spent in the School’s classroom.
It has been proven that even the students with special needs should not find any difficulties in studying in
2-hour sessions. Actually it is even more beneficial to have longer sessions for the number of reasons (pupil’s focus/concentration will eventually improve for longer periods of time, allows completion of larger topics and in that way avoidance of pitfalls of negative effects of their separation into chunks that in turn results in the loss of sense of purpose and the big picture,…)
Please also bear in mind that exams last from 1 and a 1/2 hours to 2 hours (special needs students).
The above facts prove that longer sessions of 2 hours are totally appropriate.

Student’s progress and expectations

You will always be given a straightforward report of your child’s progress. My expectations from all my students are always high, and are often higher than the parent/student expectations. Methods and the pace of teaching, which I apply, will always reflect this. My high expectations of my students also lead to the build-up of their self-esteem.
In all cases the lack of confidence above everything else, leads to low expectations!
Satisfactory progress rests always on the student’s will and dedication to work. It is up to the student to work between the tutoring sessions. Student must NOT rely solely on the tutoring sessions and from that source only, to expect high results! My recommendation is to revise everything I taught at the session the very next day, or within the next 2 days, because evaporation rate is always high with the new topics. If there are any questions, I can always be contacted over the phone. I also have the large volume of past examination papers which my students always find very helpful
Please remember that I can only open the door, but it is the student who has to come in!

Special needs

I have an extensive experience in teaching students that have special needs.
By working to create an accessible learning environment, I endeavour to provide personally tailored, flexible learning programme that will enable students with special needs to approach their studies more effectively.

Group Tuitions (2 or more students)

Private tutoring is tightly tailored to the student’s needs/abilities, hence the Group Tuition (2 or more students) is strongly NOT recommended. Not only because of the above reason, but also because of other reasons that influence my above specialist opinion which is beyond the scope of this website.
Planning and implementing the private tuition is comparable to tailoring the suit. It has to fit the student in such a way that both the tutor (tailor) and the student are satisfied that required learning programme (the suit) perfectly fits the student! Bear in mind that individual needs, expectations, personalities and abilities often vary. If on the other hand, the clients (students) feel that they wish to proceed with the Group Tuition against my above specialist advice, then the bellow fees will NOT apply. An adequate (higher) fee will be arranged subject to the circumstances of the individual case. This higher fee will still be lower than the 2 separate fees.

Areas covered

I cover the South East London (Lewisham, Bromley, Greenwich, Blackheath, Sydenham, Forest Hill, Brockley, Dulwich, Beckenham,…)

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