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- Why tuitions?-
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Why opt for the private tutor?

In order to gain the good, solid subject knowledge and the confidence needed to get a respectable grade. Even with the good knowledge pupils do not achieve their highest potential without the self-confidence at the exam.

In the classroom environment the School teacher CAN NOT address everyone’s needs (usually there are 30 pupils per classroom), specially considering the discipline problems, myriad of: individual needs, expectations, attitudes, personalities and abilities. Even without the discipline problems (rare occasions) there are numerous unwanted activities (that have nothing to do with teaching) that are distracting the pupil from work within that one School hour. Naturally, pupils themselves are largely responsible for those activities! Not to mention that teachers in our Schools are preoccupied (overburdened) with constantly ever changing, endless and meaningless: “buzz words”, forms, targets, initiatives, schemes of work, meetings, politically correct attitudes, reports, seminars, courses, inspections, School-politics, interferences from the Government advisors, managers, LEA’s and Unions.

One of the last things teachers have time for is to expand their subject knowledge and to explore the most appropriate ways of presenting it to the pupils. So many of them are not even qualified subject teachers! The P.E. teachers have been teaching MATHEMATICS(?!) Not to mention that these P.E. teachers detested maths and were put unwittingly into this position in order to cover for the teacher shortages!
All the above are well publicised facts that can be found daily in our national newspapers.
I used to teach in the above Schools and I know how awful and damaging it is for the pupils, their parents and their teachers.

This is were the private tutor comes in. In the privacy of his/her home the student will feel more important, more comfortable, more confident (no peer pressure) and more focused. Accumulation of the Schoolwork backlog rapidly leads to the loss of self-confidence and the interest in the subject, so must be avoided. Private tutoring helps the student to catch up quickly with the Schoolwork. In addition to the above facts, parent/guardian can rest assured that their child is studying for at least the duration of the tutoring session!

Even the most misbehaving, lazy, disinterested, strictly no-no self-confident pupil could be put back to work in the short space of time and start to show an interest in the subject. Schools are always extremely quick to recognise the noticeable improvement. This is why you can rest assured that you have the right tutor and that you have spent your money on the right thing.

How much is your child’s education worth to you especially in subjects like Maths or Science? Couple of a £100? Or a £1000? Or more? It is immeasurable, because investing in your child’s education means investing in their future. People without C grades in their GCSE’s (especially Maths and English) are being left out on the fringes of the society.
They do not stand much chance in getting jobs which they aspire to.
Hence the numerous Government numeracy and literacy initiatives.

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